Tealium for Angular JS Impact on Mobile Apps

Hi community,

A few questions have been raised by a mobile app development team regarding the impact the Tealium for Angular JS has upon the app and the environment. Though impact is a difficult term to quantify, providing a few guidelines might be able to provide us with some basis for answering deeper questions.  Here are my questions and we'll see what frameworks you might be using to answer them:

1) What is the impact on application load time? Of course we can't answer in terms of a percentage of overall app load, but maybe knowing the JS library size and how quickly it loads over various connection speeds would help us answer the question. Ideas?

2) What sort of data usage is added by the app? The initial answer seems like it may come down to how many screens/events are sending data, but knowing what the packet size is for a hit gives us the ability to calculate the data usage impact. Anyone know the answer to this?

3) Here's an odd question thrown our way -- does the JS app impact battery life?

Thanks to anyone and everyone for providing the community with a few thoughts and answers.

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