TealiumIOS read data set in Tealium iQ



I am trying to read data from the utag.js in our iOS App. We are currently using TealiumIOS in version 5.3.0. 


I did set up a SetDataExtension to the values will be available in the utag.js.


But now I am struggeling to read the data in the iOS app. If i open the utag.js in the Browser all values I did set are there, but I do not find a way to read them inside the app. 


The following delegate method is called and does contain the webView hosting the utag.js:

 func tealium(_ tealium: Tealium!, webViewIsReady webView: Any!) 


Is there an easy way to get the value of the variables?


Or an other way to read data, which were set in tealium, in an iOS App?

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