Tracking with Cordova android plugin



I have added plugin to my hybrid app. Also included the tealium.track(view) events as below:

tealium.track("view", // "view" or "link"
                                    {   "screen_title" :"xyz",
Below script adds a view event in the event section of Live tracking for GA dashboard for iOS app with page name under view catergory. But for Android it only displays the screen_title  in the active page views section.
In android I aaded below script to track click events:
tealium.track("link", // "view" or "link"
                                         "link_id":"xyz"/// eneterd page name here
                                         "appEventCategory" :"xyz",
                                         " appEventAction":''click"
This script after adding link_id shows the page name events under event section but under event category "activity". where as link_id is not required for iOS app.
Please help how to get a page vie events for Android app under View as Event Category.

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