Unity plugin not collecting screen_title

We are using the Tealium.TrackView call in order to track screen view of an Unity app.

Problem is that in the Tealium Collect gif we don't see any screen_title set.

This is an excerpt from our code:

Tealium.TrackView("Rooms Map"); 

This is what we see in our apps Log:

view: {
screen_title : Rooms Map

This is an excerpt from we see in the Tealium Collect gif:

    "data": {
        "timestamp": "2016-11-15T14:24:18Z",
        "os_version": "10.0.2",
        "autotracked": "false",
        "device": "iPhone",
        "override_url": "https://tags.tiqcdn.com/utag/xxx/xxx/qa/mobile.html?library_version=4.1.10&timestamp=1479218965.048684&os_version=10.0.2&platform=ios_unity",
        "lifecycle_sleepcount": "6",
        "app_id": "xxx 1.0",
        "lifecycle_secondsawake": "33",
        "device_cputype": "",
        "app_name": "xxx",
        "lifecycle_dayssincelaunch": "0",
        "lifecycle_totalterminatecount": "2",
        "platform": "iOS",
        "carrier": "Vodafone IT",
        "lifecycle_totalwakecount": "5",
        "screen_title": "",

As you can see in the last line, the screen_title is collected as a blank string, even if it has been correctly reported in the app log.

Additional details:

- we are using the 4.1.x version of the mobile library

- we turned off mobile autotracking

- we don't have any extension, we just added the Tealium Collect and the Google Analytics tag.

Any ideas?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Hi Giacomo,

The Unity plugin is one of the lesser-used plugins we provide, and as you can see from the GitHub repo, hasn't been updated for a while.

I don't have a Unity environment set up currently to test with, but my suspicion is that you may have found a bug in the plugin. I would suggest (if you haven't already) trying the following:

  1. Use the other implementation of the TrackView API that allows you to pass a dictionary, and in the dictionary, pass a key of screen_title with the correct value, e.g:

    var data = new Dictionary.<String, String>(1);
    data["screen_title"] = "Home Screen";
    Tealium.TrackView("Home Screen", data);

    This might be a possible workaround - can you test and confirm?
  2. Same as 1) above, but try a different key name (e.g. screen_name). If you need to use the key screen_title, you could create an extension in TIQ to map screen_name to screen_title.

If this doesn't work, please come back and let me know on this thread. I'd also be interested to know your use case for the Unity plugin, so if you don't mind sharing, please contact me directly by PM or email.



Tealium Employee

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