What's the best way to tell if we've integrated the full or compact Tealium mobile SDK?

We are looking to upgrade our current Tealium SDKs to the latest available version, but we're not sure if the SDKs we had integrated previously now are Full or Compact. What's the best way for my dev team to find that out?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Hey @andrea_kebalo,


There are two ways to check depending on the platform:


Android: The name of the jar file will have the version as part of it's name, ie: tealium.4.1.4.jar or tealium.4.1.4c.jar

iOS: TealiumConstants.h file has a #define TelaiumLibraryVersion @"4.x" or @"4.xc"


Both: The log outputs will list the version of the library.  If the version number has a "c" suffix, then the compact version is in use, otherwise the full.



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