I am trying to test an Android app and I am getting events queued, but never dispatching. In the decompiled class file, I am getting to:


Which appears to be why I am not dispatching immediately.

PublishSettings: {
        battery_saver : true,
        dispatch_expiration : -1.0,
        enable_collect : false,
        enable_s2s_legacy : false,
        enable_tag_management : false,
        event_batch_size : 1,
        minutes_between_refresh : 15.0,
        offline_dispatch_limit : 100,
        override_log : "no override",
        wifi_only_sending : false
val tealiumConfig = TealiumLib.Config.create(
tealiumConfig.datasourceId = DATASOURCE_ID
tealiumConfig.forceOverrideLogLevel = "dev"
LifeCycle.setupInstance(INSTANCE_ID, tealiumConfig, true)
instance = TealiumLib.createInstance(INSTANCE_ID, tealiumConfig)

instance.trackEvent("test-event", mapOf())

Any ideas? Also is the Android SDK source code available to help with debugging?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Hello there @wilwade-c5 !


Based off the information provided, it looks like both "tag management" and "collect" options are disabled in the profile you are connecting you. 

Because of this, no "dispatch" method has been selected, so the events will not be sent.


Using the "collect options" will send the information directly to eventstream, and the "tag management" option, will allow for the utag to run as you woudl typically expect, and your tags to run.

You can read more about these publish settings, and where to change them here.

If enableing this (and publishing after) doesn't work, let me know!



Tealium Employee

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