form start tracking

Hi Everyone,

I need to track "Form Start" in below form, How can i achieve that. Rule should fire only once when user interact with any of the field.

Select Tag and Input Tag are the two types of tags in below form.

form tracking.JPG

Which extension and what approach i should follow?



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Hi @parth_gupta199 - You can use the jQuery clickhandler (1.6 and below) to fire your start event when one of your form elements are clicked. 

Use the jquery selector field in the Tealium extension to target the specific HTML element (in this case maybe the entire form or 1 field from your form).  You can select from multiple triggers including click, and more. One of these options is "change". You may be able to leverage that trigger to look for a change to a specific form field on your page so that your start event triggers when an individual starts interacting with your form and inputting text.

For a start event, I believe best practice would be to set the Tracking Event : link within the extension. Lastly, depending on your setup, set a variable that you are using to count form starts to a value that suits you.

Hope this helps!

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