form start tracking

Hi Everyone,

I need to track "Form Start" in below form, How can i achieve that. Rule should fire only once when user interact with any of the field.

Select Tag and Input Tag are the two types of tags in below form.

form tracking.JPG

Which extension and what approach i should follow?



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The rule you mentioned is bit unclear to me, do you need to track only once when the user starts to interact with form for the first time.

If so, you need to declare a flag in order to stop tracking from repeatative interaction.

var hasInteracted = false;
$('form').on('click', ()=>{
  if (!hasInteracted){
     hasInteracted = true;
     //  track logic here

If not, you can directly trigger track function on every form interaction by getting rid of the flag in above reference code.

P.S. The suggested click event is targetted to the respective form in order to track INTERACTION. Hence it may track even if no value has been changed. If needed to track on value change, please use 'change' event on all the fields of form using common class. Similarly you can use flag in this case to avoid multiple tracks on change event.

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