iOS app crashing after update to library version 3.3

Hello, I have an iOS app deployed to users that uses version 3.1 of the Tealium iOS library. We are currently developing enhancements to the app and in the course of development, we found that version 3.1 causes wild memory usage patterns on iOS 8. So we chose to update the library to version 3.3. The memory usage issue on iOS 8 is resolved. However, we found that on devices that have the old version installed (utilizing Tealium 3.1), updating to the new version (utilizing Tealium 3.3) will cause the app to crash on Tealium initialization. The console reports the error is from NSJSONSerialization: "Invalid type in JSON write (_NSDate)" and the stack trace includes internal Tealium methods. If we remove the old version of the app from a device before installing the new version, the app functions fine. In addition, if we delete the app after updating and reinstall the new version, the app functions fine. It seems to have something to do with updating in-place from 3.1 to 3.3. Does anyone have any insight into what we could do to resolve this issue? Thank you, Vincent Dominguez

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