utag.js throws error in browser console.

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 10.20.33.png

Please check the image above - this error is showing in browser console. Can I please know, how can I fix this error?

Affected website: https://cloud.mail.msd.de/dd_telemedizin-2

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I do not see this error when I visit that site.  However, from the screenshot that you included, it looks like the source of your error is in the custom JavaScript code in one of your extensions.  If you log in to TiQ, you can access that extension in the following location:

Account: integratedmaster

profile: lib-cookie

Extension: Sitemorse preloader - Button bindings (UID 21)

This code appears to be related to your OneTrust integration.  Is it possible that you have something running locally that is preventing cookies from being handled appropriately?

Tealium Employee
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