This is a list of the Tealium Tools developed by community members or the Tealium Team.

Bulk Edit for iQ

A tool to toggle the active state or delete multiple variables, load rules, tags or extensions all at once.

CSS Selector Tool

A tool to help you determine the selector for a specific element in a page. This selector is often used in the congfiguration of a jQuery onHandler Extension. This tool requires that jQuery already be loaded on the page.

Environment Switcher

A powerful testing tool that allows you to change the account, profile, and environment from which the Tealium files (utag.js, utag.sync.js) that are loaded. 

iQ Extension History

A tool for looking at the edit history of an extension

Omnichannel Status Checker

The following Tealium Tool allows you to check the status of any file you are ingesting via Omnichannel.

Tag Variables Exporter

This tool exports each tag along with each data layer variable referenced in the Load Rule or Data Mappings.

Universal Tag Debugger

A new tool for validating the Universal Data Object and event tracking calls. The Universal Tag Debugger provides an easy way to validate your data layer and event tracking in real-time as you navigate your site.

User Permissions Exporter

This tool will export all users' permission settings for an account to a CSV file. 

Variable Mappings Exporter  

This tool will export all the data mappings for each tag. This will include the variables used in the tag's assigned load rules and the variables used in the mappings, then export the data to a CSV file.

Tealium Web Companion

A new version of Web Companion that runs within Tealium Tools to improve the diagnostic reporting of tags, load rules, and extensions.


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