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The Omnichannel Status Checker uses the Omnichannel File Status API to check the status of a file you are importing with the Omnichannel feature. You launch the tool when logged into your Customer Data Hub account and on the Omnichannel screen, then you enter the name of the file to look up. The status checker will provide information about the file and the status of the import.

Resource URL

Add this tool to Tealium Tools using the following URL:



You must be logged into your Customer Data Hub account to use this tool.

Lookup Parameters

Upon launching the tool you will be prompted for the file prefix, start date and end date. If you choose the special prefix Get All, it will retrieve all prefixes for the given date range.

To check the status of an omnichannel file import:

  1. Open your Customer Data Hub account and navigate to Omnichannel
  2. Open Tealium Tools and click the Omnichannel Status Checker tool.
  3. Select a file prefix.
  4. Select a Start Date and End Date.
  5. Click Submit.



Viewing File Statuses

When the file status results are displayed you can type a filter to narrow down the list or inspect files to see more details. All the status information does not fit in the window, so scroll to the right to see more columns.


To view summary information about the import scroll to the bottom. This area displays the number of rows uplpoaded and the number processed.

Click Download to save the status table data as a CSV file.

Click Restart to get back to the start screen to change the search options.