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    11-18-2020 In "documentation-tealium-tools"

    This article describes the Environment Switcher, which is available as a Tealium Tools browser extension. In this article: The Environment Switcher is a powerful testing tool used to change the Tealium files (utag.js, utag.sync.js) that are loaded ...



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    Nov 18, 2020

    09-01-2020 In "documentation-tealium-tools"

    This article provides an overview of the Tealium Tools browser extension, available for Google Chrome. In this article: Table of Contents Placeholder The Tealium Tools extension provides a standard set of tools used to assist in managing your Tealiu...



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    Sep 1, 2020

    04-07-2016 In "documentation-tealium-tools"

    To use the Adobe Test & Target tool in Web Companion: Click on the Web Companion bookmarklet to open Web Companion. Navigate to the Tools tab. Click on the Adobe Test and Target bar. Click the 'Select Target' button. The On Page Element Selec...



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    Apr 7, 2016

    03-11-2016 In "documentation-tealium-tools"

    To use audiences to create targeted experiments in Optimizely, you need to connect AudienceStream and Optimizely, and then map audiences to your Optimizely project. Use the Tealium Tool: Optimizely Helper to accomplish these tasks. In this article: T...



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    Mar 11, 2016

    06-25-2015 In "documentation-tealium-tools"

    This document is an overview of the Tealium Tools architecture and a guide for developers who wish to create custom tools or migrate existing utilities or bookmarklets into Tealium Tools and describes how to build your own custom tools for the Tealiu...



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    Jun 25, 2015