Adobe Audience Manager implmentation in Adobe Analytics

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Hi Team,


We have implemented the Adobe Audience Manager in Adobe Analytics in Ensighten tool, we are planning to acheive the same implementation via Tealium.

Placed the way how we have implemented the tracking in Ensighten.

1. Add the Adobe Audience Manager Plugin

2. Add the below code snippets

"partner": "xxxx",
"visitorService": {
"namespace": "XXXXXX@AdobeOrg"
"containerNSID": 0,
"uuidCookie": {
"name": "aam_uuid",
"days": 30


Tried in TealiumIQ as,

1. Add the Adobe Audience Manager tag and then placed the "partner": "xxxx", "visitorService.namespace": XXXXXX@AdobeOrg", which are asked by default in the tag, then we have saved the tag and published.

2. We have loaded the site and in the Tealium Webcompanion Tool, we could able to see in the Adobe Audience Manager tag as "Loaded" instead of "OK".

3. And there is no results reflected for Adobe Audience Manager tag.


So we would like to know the tag Adobe Audience Manager was implemented correctly, if not how we have to configure, please advise.



Rajesh L.

Rajesh Kumar