Alarming out of the box, or connection to Prometheus HTTP API

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Hi all,

before we think about developing something new from the scratch, first I want to ask this round for some ideas or solutions we do not aware of right now. 

Main goal: 

Alarming if an audience won't be joined anymore 
Alarming if a connector gets errors 
Alarming if JS function gets errors

Is there any solution out of the box right now? 

Do we have to think about a solution we have to build up with other componentes like the HTTP API of Prometheus? 

Thanks in advance!



Alarming out of the box, or connection to Prometheus HTTP API

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Hi Dennis,

I appreciate your curiosity and proactive approach to problem-solving. This type of thinking is fundamental to ensuring seamless operation and achieving scale in any technology-driven environment.

  1. Audience Engagement Monitoring: Understanding your users is at the heart of delivering valuable experiences. For this, analytical tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, or Amplitude can help. These platforms can give you a clear snapshot of user activity, and you can set up alerts when a drop in engagement is noticed. More technically, on the server-side, consider robust tools like Datadog, Prometheus, or New Relic.

  2. Error Detection in Connectors: Connectors, being the glue between different components, play a critical role in your ecosystem. Depending on the nature of these connectors, you have a variety of monitoring tools available. For database connections, you may want to look at SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor or Redgate SQL Monitor. For API connections or web servers, Datadog, Prometheus, New Relic, or perhaps Azure Monitor if you're using Azure services, could be considered.

  3. JavaScript Function Error Tracking: In terms of capturing JavaScript function errors, it's important to differentiate between client-side and server-side. For the former, you may want to consider Sentry, Rollbar, or LogRocket - tools specifically built to track and report such errors. For server-side JavaScript (Node.js), similar tools can be used, along with application performance monitoring solutions like New Relic or Datadog.

If existing solutions don't quite meet your specific needs, building a custom solution using the HTTP API of a monitoring system like Prometheus might be a way forward. Additionally, Grafana can be of great help for visualizing data and setting up custom alerts.

Remember, it's important to choose the right tool for your specific environment, be it cloud-based or on-premises.

Thanks and Let me know if you need more help on this.


shivam joshi

Alarming out of the box, or connection to Prometheus HTTP API

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Hi @DennisG 

I'd encourage you to log product ideas for your items below, as I know these are areas the product team is looking at.