Audience Stream Use-Case

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Audience Stream Use-Case:
Tealium eCommerce demo site
Page Name: VIP
Lifetime visit count > 5
On the 6th visit need to trigger a webhook to post details of page name, count and current timestamp
Page Name: VIP
Page View Count: 6
Time: Current time
Please can you provide a step-wise details for this. 
1. Adding Attributes
2. Adding Audience
3. Creating Audience Connector

Audience Stream Use-Case

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@mkrishe ,

You can use the built-in Lifetime visit count AS attribute for the visit count and page name is not cleared but if you want to track the current visit pages views then create a visit type number attribute with enrichment of increment/decrement by 1 and add a rule as pageview and within rule apply condition as ut.event =view this will increment only on pageviews.

this might look like this:


For the timestamp you can create a visit date attribute like this:timestamp.png

Now you have all the needed information so if you want to trigger when the lifetime visit count is greater than 5 then create an audience with the same definitionAudience.png

Now you have to send this audience to webhook so create a webhook with this audience and set the trigger condition as Joined Audience and do the connector configration and then do the connection action(send customized data via HTTPs advanced) mappin g with the information that you want to pass.webhook.png

 I hope this might be helpful to get started.

Please let me know if you are facing any issue.

Kind Regards,

Mohammed Aaqib Uddin


Senior CDP Specialist @ Digitas Dubai