Campaign Tracking Code on Mobile

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Hi Guys, 

Can anyone please assist me on the following :

We are planning to use Tealium SDK on the mobile. When a google ad is selected which has the relevant tracking code then navigates to the mobile app. We are using tealium sdk then the data is passed to analytics tools. Currently, we could not see the tracking code been passed (checked using Charles).  Just wondering do we need to send explicitly as a variable then need to be captured or what are the best practices ?



Campaign Tracking Code on Mobile

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Hi @Giri3072 ,

On web we let the google analytics SDK do its job and do not explicitly map to utag variables. When the js libraby runs it parses the url for utm parameters and send the data to Google.

On the app it we capture data from the link and pass them to utag variables which are mapped to GA's campaign parameters.

Hope this helps.



Ipe Varghese