Cordova Plugin doesn't download the Utag.js

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I have an Hybrid app done using ionic, we have added the Tealium cordova plugin and adding some tracks, but nothing is received, even when the logs in the App is saying:

01-13 17:55:07.950: I/Tealium-4.1.1c(15465): Tealium has been initialized with Tealium.Config : {

01-13 17:55:18.315: I/chromium(15465): [INFO:CONSOLE(68)] "tealium call successful", source: file:///android_asset/www/plugins/com.tealium.cordova.compact/www/tealium.js (68)


Going deeper, I have dowloaded an example of Android App, putting my params on the init, and then I have seen than the utag.js is downloaded. This logic is not happening when i test it using the TealiumSample coming with the plugin in the Github (with the same init params than the native one).


I supose than the App is not sending the tracks because the utag.js is not there... but why is not being downloaded? Anyone have been using the Cordova plugin?





Cordova Plugin doesn't download the Utag.js

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Version 4 of the Tealium Android Library waits for a Activity.onResume to create the WebView to download UTag. Since Tealium is initialized through Cordova after Activity.onResume, it takes the second Activity.onResume to download UTag.


Does the problem persist after the app is backgrounded or another activity is shown?