Custom Remote Command JSON Config / without Tealium IQ

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I'am currently planning to use Custom Remote Commands in combination with the Tealium SDK in app and Event Stream only. We dont want to use webviews resp. Tealium IQ.

Is there a way to support Custom Remote Commands with a JSON configuration like it can be done with Vendor Integrations?



Custom Remote Command JSON Config / without Tealium IQ

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Hello Tobias,

I went through your topic recently. Thought this approach might help you out. 

Although Custom Remote Commands are typically used with Tealium iQ, it might br possible to use them in a mobile app with the Tealium SDK and EventStream. You can try to achieve this by creating a custom handler for your remote commands in your mobile app, and using a JSON configuration to define the commands and parameters.

Here's an outline of the process:

  1. Create a custom handler for remote commands: In your mobile app, implement a custom handler for the remote commands you want to support. This handler will be responsible for processing the remote commands received from Tealium and executing the appropriate actions.

  2. Register the custom handler with the Tealium SDK: To ensure the Tealium SDK can call your custom handler, you need to register it with the SDK. This is typically done during the SDK initialization. Refer to the documentation for your specific platform (Android or iOS) to determine how to register your custom handler.

  3. Define your remote commands in a JSON configuration: Create a JSON configuration file that defines your remote commands and the parameters associated with them. This file will be used by your mobile app to parse the incoming remote commands and pass them to your custom handler.

  4. Send remote commands using EventStream: In EventStream, create events that trigger the remote commands in your mobile app. When configuring the event, include the remote command name and any required parameters, as defined in your JSON configuration file.

  5. Test your remote commands: To ensure your remote commands are working correctly, test them in your mobile app using appropriate tools (such as a mobile debugger or logs). Verify that the remote commands are being received, processed, and executed as expected.

By following this process, you can support Custom Remote Commands in your mobile app using the Tealium SDK and EventStream, without relying on Tealium iQ and webviews.

I hope this helps! If you have any further questions or need more assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.

shivam joshi