Data layer documentation for web developers

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has anyone found a clever way to document the data layer on different pages/event? Some sort of document or file that can be maintained by the business owner but then read and used directly from the devs, so it has to have a very standardised format.

The main point for me would to be able to add clearly:

  • where/when to populate the data layer (either page load url or specifc event)
  • format/type of the variables
  • possible values for each variable (or logic to use to populate it)

My aim would then to be able to use the same document for testing as well




Data layer documentation for web developers

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Hi @Davide ,

We usually follow the Below Tealium documentation for the Implementation.
Regarding the data layer you can request for a deployer tool and then add all your pages and events that you track.

It's upto you what kind information(variables) you want to pass within utag_data(utag.view()) and, for more information please visit: calls.

The below Tealium documentation is useful to understand how it works and within the definition section you can few brand's data layer example that gives an idea on how to get start with building your business specific data layer:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

Mohammed Aaqib Uddin

Senior CDP Specialist @ Digitas Dubai