Does app install tracking for Facebook ads attribute correctly?

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If I configure Tealium to use a Facebook tag for install tracking/first open on a native Android/iOS app, will the attribution go the initiating ad, or will the referrer/campaign data be lost when reporting to Facebook?


For a website it works by using cookies, but as far as I know, cookies are not available for native apps. So I'm curious if Tealium can handle this attribution, or if I would need to install the Facebook SDK?


I would need to have the installs attributed to the ads, and not just a total number of installs.


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Does app install tracking for Facebook ads attribute correctly?

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Our SDK does not currently support attribution reporting out of the box. This is something that will more that likely be a feature in the future, but is not something that is available in our current version of the library.


However, we actually do have a custom solution for Facebook Ads/Attribution that is not in the marketplace yet. Please reach out to your account manager or open a support case and we can assist you in getting this set up.


You can create a case here: