Event Specification added has disappeared

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I just added a new Event Specification and added all the Attributes I wanted. And then I clicked Finish.

Till this point the Event Spec was very much in the list of created E. Specs I had created till now.

But after I clicked on Save and Publish (also added a note during this) the Event Spec has dissapeared.

This is the 2nd time it has happened today. Is there a bug? Or have I missed a step somewhere?

Considering I did write a note while "saving and publishing", it must be stored somewhere right?

Where can I find the history of 'saves and publsihes"? This way I can may be track what happened to the Event spec I had created.

Thanks & Regards, SHLA


Event Specification added has disappeared

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The save and publish history can be found by navigating to Server-Side Versions (screenshot below) where your save history is organized into versions. And while I was unable to replicate your issue in my local environment, if there were multiple users in your profile that day, it's possible someone saved over your changes.