Fixing Turn/Amobee Template

Bronze Contributor
Bronze Contributor

In trying to use the built-in template for Turn (now Amobee) pixels, we were having trouble getting it to work as expected. Amobee's immediate advice was to abandon the template, but I didn't want to lose the benefits of a template, so I dug deeper. After some review of the template code, there's a minor fix that appears to make it work.

Using the base template, I was getting a pixel URL that looked like:<acct_id>/dpuid/<acct_id>/kv/

Instead of the expected:<acct_id>/kv/

Digging into the template, there's one line that reads: = ( || "//") + + "/kv/";

I updated it to read: = ( || "//") + + "/kv/"; 

And everything magically started to work as expected, while still letting me use the UI to map new variables onto the URL and everything. Amobee even confirmed that the pixel output met their requirements after the fix.

Any chance of getting the built-in template updated with the fix? We use a lot of Amobee pixels, and it would be nice to not have to edit the template for each of them.