GST Cookies not set in Safari

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We are using Tealium to serve our tags, including the GST, identified in Tealium as "Google Ads Conversion Tracking & Remarketing (gtag.js)".  This was the pixel Tealium configured based on the tag snipped provided by our marketing team.

We are using floodlight and remarketing only, no Google Analytics and no Google Tag Manager.  The pixels function correctly except for the cookies within Safari.
I have encountered the following information concerning the issue.
Option 1: Use GTM Conversion Linker (highly recommended)
When the gtag is deployed through Google Tag Manager you need to make sure that you set up the conversion linker tag. You need to trigger this tag on all pages. This tag will make sure that the Ad information is stored as first party cookies on the domain.
  • Not an option as we do not use GTM
Option 2: Install gtag (global site tag) on all sites
You can also implement and install the global gtag snippet on all pages on every site and place the gtag event snippet on all pages with events.
  • Option we are using.
Option 3: If you use Tealium IQ - "setAllowLinker"
If you deploy gtag.js extension through Tealium IQ you need to make sure that the Cross-Domain Tracking is set "On". This will activate the "setAllowLinker" and will enable the Tealium cross-domain tracking plugin.
  • The "Google Ads Conversion Tracking & Remarketing (gtag.js)" does not have in the configuration a section to set Cross-Domain Tracking to "On".
Has Tealium mis-identified the pixel based on the provided snippet ?  Which Tealium template should be used ?
Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
Kind regards
Kevin Allen SAS-DCX-UXD
User Experience & Data Analytics
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Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

GST Cookies not set in Safari

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Hi Kevin,

I believe the issue is with Safari’s ‘Intelligent Tracking Prevention’ (ITP) and seems you are already using a suitable work-around by deploying on all pages. Albiet to piggyback that, see if you can identify UserAgent correctly within template logic and configure gtag mannually as per your requirements. DoubleClick would be my ideal suggestion for the tag container.

For the longer run, I would prefer to suggest introducing GTM for more flexibility.

Hope this might help.


Satyam Chourey