Generate a click event type

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We are implementing Tealium in Android, and future in IOS.


At the moment we are receiving the "Event Names" in XITI (AT Internet) well, but these are page views. For this we are used event "view".


Now we want to try the "clicks " buttons (usability), we are used event type: "event" ?


the idea is Tealium tell to XITI is not a "page view", is a click.


Could you give a code example ? or documentation where indicated this ?


sorry for my English.


Thank you very much tealium!


Generate a click event type

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Hello @ivanmoya,


You'll want to use the universal track call (see sample below) to manually trigger the event and send in "Tealium.EVENT" as the event name in the track call so that it does not register as a view. 


More info on universal track call:


Tealium.track(null, data, Tealium.EVENT);


Please let us know if you need additional help.