HTTP API - data question

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I'm hoping for help on these questions.

Is tealium automatically creating and eventid, visitorid, and eventtime, when i post data in an HTTP API data source in event stream?

If yes, then is eventid, visitorid, and eventtime available if i want to use that data in an event Connector (e.g. Google GA4)

Thanks, John


HTTP API - data question

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Hi John! These items are created with the event object but are not readily accessible to connectors through event attributes (with the exception of the timestamp - we do store a "Last event timestamp" attribute by default). If you need to access these items, they are available through the Data Transformation feature, as you can access the full Event object . You can then set those values to new UDO variables and access them through event attributes in that manner. Once they are stored as event attributes they can be mapped to event connectors or used in AudienceStream attributes.

Jen Kaye
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