Migrating from 3 (SDK4) App Profiles to 1 (SDK5)

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our current app has SDK4 in all it's flavours (1 for each OS) implemented.

Seen the different datalayers and libraries we have 3 different profiles in Tealium :


> ios-myapp

> android-myapp

> windows-myapp


Now that there is only one library left on SDK5 I assume that 1 extra profile (one to rule them all) could do the trick.


> myapp



My idea is to create a new profile based on one of the previous 3 and (datalayer/tags/loadrules/extensions etc... and configure this in the new releases of the app while the older ones will die out when people update the app.

Looks pretty straight forward. 



Anybody has done this migration yet and can comment on the pitfalls ?






Migrating from 3 (SDK4) App Profiles to 1 (SDK5)


Hi @philippe_vlaemm,

Although it is technically possible to implement all in 1 profile, we still recommend keeping them separate if possible, and using profile libraries to share assets between the profiles if required. This allows you to individually control the publish settings for each app if required, and allows you to easily make changes on one platform without impacting the rest of them. Commonly, there will be minor variations in tracking specification across different apps (since they are often implemented by different app developers), and keeping the profiles separate means that there are no requirements for the tracking to be identical on all platforms, and you can easily implement customisations and extensions to fix specific issues on one platform, which are not relevant to another.

Please also note that the current version of the Windows library uses v4 publish settings, so you would need to have both v4 & v5 enabled in the publish settings dialog box if you put all 3 platforms under one profile.

I hope this helps.


Check out our new Swift integration library for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS: https://github.com/Tealium/tealium-swift with updated
documentation https://community.tealiumiq.com/t5/Swift/tkb-p/swift.