Mobile Apps - Collect vs iq Tag Managment

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Hi. We are impmenting tealium in our iOS and Android app. According to the documentation, Tealium Collect (server-side) is the "Recommended" solution for native apps. And this makes sense. The iQ Tag Manager (client-side) solution uses a hidden WebView to load javascript, which is going to increase the memory and network usage of the app, drain the battery faster, etc. 

However, I am being told by our marketing folks that we HAVE to use the iQ Tag Manager client side solution because with Collect we "cannot filter the data layer" like we want to and we have some integrations that are not supported with Collect. 

Is that right? As the owner of the native applications, I have serious concern and reservations over dropping in a 3rd party tool that uses a hidden WebView to pass data from the native app across a javscript bridge. Beyond the obvious concerns over memory/battery usage that come with using a heavy component like WebView, I'm equally concerned about the security implications of using a javascript interface to pass data back and forth. I know on the Android side, great strides have been made in more recent versions of Android to make javascript interfaces more secure, but the concern is still there. 

Is there really no other way to take advantage of everything Tealium has to offer without putting a hidden WebView in my applications?



Mobile Apps - Collect vs iq Tag Managment

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Tealium Expert
hi @bradleycorn - you bring some valid points here.

Have you made any further determinations since posting? I would recommend opening a support ticket to talk through your concerns and requirements with a Tealium engineer / strategist. Hopefully you'll come back and post your conclusions so others can learn.