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Hi Team,


We are working on Tealium tags, libraries and extensions, for us the extensions are in the libraries, that are associated to multiple Profiles.

If we add/modify any extension/data layer/Tag within the library, have to publish for multiple Profiles(more than 20). Which consume more time to publish for each and every changes.

Can you please provide any other options to publish multiple Profiles at same time or if any.

Also please cc swarnaravi.x.viswanathan@gsk.com in the communication.



Rajesh L.

Rajesh Kumar

Multiple Profile Publish

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As described here, additions of new libraries or changes to existing libraries require that you publish a new version of the linked profiles to import the latest library configurations. You must publish each profile individually. If you're still experiencing this issue, you may want to reach out to Tealium Support to see if there's anything that can be done to consolidate your tags, extensions and/or profiles.