Remote Command - error codes

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Bronze Contributor

I am trying to send Tealium events to Firebase (GA4F), but I am getting different errors when using .json file method in SwiftUI. Unfortunately, I could not find anywhere the info about the errors. 



TealiumRemoteCommands.TealiumRemoteCommandsError error 13

TealiumRemoteCommands.TealiumRemoteCommandsError error 7


What do they mean?



Remote Command - error codes

Tealium Employee

Below is a list of the errors by number:

Error 0: invalidScheme
Error 1: commandIdNotFound
Error 2: commandNotFound
Error 3: remoteCommandsDisabled
Error 4: requestNotProperlyFormatted
Error 5: invalidFileName
Error 6: couldNotConvertData
Error 7: couldNotDecodeJSON
Error 8: errorLoadingRemoteJSON
Error 9: mappingsNotFound
Error 10: commandsNotFound
Error 11: commandNameNotFound
Error 12: noResponse
Error 13: invalidResponse
Error 14: notModified

I would review your JSON file to ensure it is in the proper format. An example of the JSON file can be found here.

Jen Kaye
Senior Premium Success Engineer | Tealium, Inc.