Send referrence/Deep linking on APPs (to AT Internet for example)

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We have implemented (pages ands clicks) Tealium Android ( mapped to AT Internet), and we are now investigating how to send the source origin/reference (example: google search , our own web , email url ...)


We are implementing (screenviews and clicks) to capture the reference:


In our case we want to send (AT Internet ) this information.


How should I do ? new variable? Autotrack know this information?


Thanks you! 


Send referrence/Deep linking on APPs (to AT Internet for example)


Hi @ivanmoya


Deep linking information is not captured by our mobile libraries as part of our autotracking featureset. The main reason for this is that we would have to insist on additional permissions at install time to get this information, and we try to keep our permissions requirements as lean as possible.


If you wish to implement your own intent handler and pass the information through to tags implemented through Tealium, you could implement a manual tracking call and map the information through to the relevant tags (e.g. AT Internet).


Here's a very simple code example for Android:


private Map<String,Object> data;

data = new HashMap<>();
data.put("deeplink_referrer", ""); // example only
data.put("event_name", "deeplink_install"); // example only
Tealium.track(null, data, Tealium.EVENT); // fires a tracking event with the deeplink_referrer parameter set

You could then map "deeplink_referrer" to a paramter in AT Internet (or Google Analytics, Adobe analytics etc.).


Does that help at all? Let me know if you need any further assistance.





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Send referrence/Deep linking on APPs (to AT Internet for example)

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Hi @craig_rouse

We also want to set our IOS and Android Apps for Deep Linking.

Could you also share the code for IOS?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best Regards