Set Consent per Tag (Provider) instead of categories

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Bronze Contributor

we want our users to be able to consent/decline to every provider/tag individually instead of consent/decline a whole category. Is there a way to achieve this with the Tealium functions?
We would need a way to retrieve all Tags that are currently active and a setting to enable/disable them. (We use a custom consent manager and call the utag.gdpr.setPreferencesValues method.
Thank you for hints and anwers :)


Set Consent per Tag (Provider) instead of categories

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Hi mhaug! Our consent manager does not have that type of functionality and our CONSENTMGR cookie cannot support anything beyond the 15 categories we currently have set. You can submit a product idea in our forum and our engineers will take your feedback into consideration.

Jen Kaye
Senior Premium Success Engineer | Tealium, Inc.