Setting up eventstream trace id in charles for Mobile app

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We are using charles as a simulator to test test the mobile app to track tealium tags.

We are trying to set the trace id of event stream into charles using the steps mentioned in your website tutorial. However, we are not able to see anything in eventstream if we follow the same steps.


Can someone  please suggest on the same. How to proceed to set up the trace id in chrales for both andriod and ios device.



Setting up eventstream trace id in charles for Mobile app

Tealium Employee

Hi @jumma. Make sure that your certificates in Charles are set up appropriately:


If you see red Xs in Charles, it means your certificates are not set up correctly. 

After you follow the setup steps in https://community.tealiumiq.com/t5/Universal-Data-Hub/Trace/ta-p/12058#toc-hId-1612772743, check that Charles is actually rewriting your request. For example, in the i.gif request that is sent, if you look at the Overview tab, check that your Notes field in Charles says, "Rewrite Tool: body match...". This means that Charles correctly rewrote and added the "cp.trace_id":"<your-trace-number>" correctly. If the cp.trace_id is part of the request, you should be seeing your events in Trace.