Some updates that waiting in the queue

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Bronze Contributor

Hello everyone,

I took my admin level access to the Tealium a short while ago. And turned off some unnecessary tags on our current configuration.

When I try to publish it to the production, I noticed that there are more than 50 different updates then my adjustments.

Now here is the question. Is it possible to jump over those unknown updates and publish only my 5 "turn-off tags" rules. Or any other recommendation to me?

Because I don't have any idea about others and don't want to step others toes. 

Thank you for your help.


Some updates that waiting in the queue

Tealium Employee

We have a "merge" publish option available, but it requires there to be a branch in the publish versions. If there is a branch (ex: DEV version is a separate branch from QA version), you can choose to "merge" change into the newer branch. This option lets you pick and choose the various changes to be merged into the branch. Once the merge occurs, you can then publish the new version with the selected changes. You can read more about the merge tool here

Jen Kaye
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