Tealium IOS behind proxy, tags don't leave


Hello, we use the Tealium Framework for our IOS and Android applications, to track the activity of our customers. However, before moving our application into "production", we have a recipe phase, which is done on a network with proxy. The tags are sent very well on 4G, while those sent on the network with the proxy, do not leave. I specify that we have added an exeption for url "tags.tiqcdn.com", which is the url we see leaving. There would be other urls, or protocol (icmp, udp, other) to allow? if yes, can you tell me which one to add.

Thanks in advance.



Tealium IOS behind proxy, tags don't leave

Tealium Employee
Hi @popof. It sounds like you may be experiencing issues due to SSL pinning in your app, which will cause the app to reject all connections that don't have a valid SSL certificate (e.g. a self-signed certificate from your proxy server).

If this is the case, you will need to add exceptions for the custom SSL certificate in your app's Info.plist file in the Xcode project.

All communication in the Tealium SDKs is performed over HTTP, so you don't need to add any additional protocols. However, if you are using Tealium iQ, all your tags will be sent client-side, meaning you would need to add a proxy exception for each of the domains used by your tag vendors (e.g. google-analytics.com, facebook.com etc.).

I hope that makes sense.

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