Track Crashes in GA


I have applied all the required steps mentioned in this guid https://community.tealiumiq.com/t5/Tealium-for-Swift/Swift-Module-Crash-Reporter/ta-p/23182 to track the crashes in my app, however I can't see any crashes in my GA property.


My questions:

Dose the library send a tealium_event called "crash" when crashes happen?

I created a variable in tealium iQ called "crash_cause" and mapped it to the "exception_reason" in order to pass this value to GA, is that correct?

Is the crashReporter enabled by default, according to the guide it is enabled but I need a confirmation?

if there is any complete example including the tealium iQ setup that will be great.


your help is highly appreciated!


Thanks in advance.

Mahmoud Morsi