Tracking with Cordova plugin

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After adding the tealium plugin with iOS app code, I tracked view and link events using tealium.track() method. In the tealium live tracking I can see the events and screen view being tracked but for each tealium.track I see ut.event as link. Even for

tealium.track("view", // "view" or "link"


                                   <key>: <value>

                            }, // Object containing key-value pairs.

                            "tealiumdemo" // Replace this with your instance ID



I reaceive ut.event as link, whereas tealium_event shows view.

Please guide.


Tracking with Cordova plugin


Hi @shuchita


I have just tested this with the Cordova sample app, and I'm not able to reproduce the issue.


It sounds like there could be something in your Tealium iQ profile that's overwriting the "ut.event" property to "link". I recommend looking here first, and raising a support ticket with your account/profile details if you are still having issues (


Out of interest, are you passing "screen_title" in your payload? If not, please try doing this. It's possible this may fix your issue, but I suspect it won't.







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