URL for the mobile view iOS/andriod

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it has been mentioned  the  for mobile there is utag view is generated and it then trigure the configured markeing tag same way it is for the normal websites 


Now I would like to know waht it the URL identifed by the markeing tags  excutin the tags . 

As for Website the domain for which the tag are configured is dected .



In my senario we have impelemted the tealeaf  UI jaascript for the mobile Apps vesion 4 and 5 both ios and andriod 


What the Tealeaf tad d it regues the page  to the host server the JSON object added to and the tealeaf PCA configured  on the respective websever reads  the json object and process in real time . 


I normal scenario we need to whitelisl the domain which request the  pages and attach the web log as json boject 


is it in this case wil it be https://tags.tiqcdn.com/   or can be define 



URL for the mobile view iOS/andriod

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I'm not sure I understand your question but the url where all the mobile tags originate is: