What does "Bundle Tags Loading On All Pages" exactly do?

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Hi everyone,

I read about "Bundle Tags Loading On All Pages" publish setting. I try it. Bu the inly difference I can see is on "utag.handler.cfg_extend" section (see attached image). I see same tags bundled and same tags loading not bundled.

I would like to have an option for loading only required tags while page is loading and load a second utag file of bundled tags with other tags, for having a smaller main utag file but keeping low request calls.

Best regards,Setting Off vs Setting On difference on utagSetting Off vs Setting On difference on utag


Setting Off tags loadingSetting Off tags loading


Setting On tags loadingSetting On tags loading



What does "Bundle Tags Loading On All Pages" exactly do?

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Hi @oscarmartinezm!


The "Bundle Tags Loading on All Pages" toggle just takes all the tags that do not have any load rules on them, and loads them inside of utag.js. If you did not enable this feature, you will see that these tags load in their individual utag.XX.js container. The purpose of this feature is to improve load speed by combining all tags that are loading on all pages into a single container.


However, if you did, perhaps, want to bundle a tag that had load rules on it, you can do that too. You would just need to enable the bundle tags flag found inside the tag configuration settings as shown below.

bundled tag.png


Hope this help!