double fire on SPA despite setting noview flag properly

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Silver Contributor

ok. here's what it looks like is happening: 

Steps as we see them

  1. utag loads on the page, utag.view is available and utag starts processing
  2. YDV code calls a utag.view
  3. utag code takes the utag.view, detects that tags are not loaded and puts the YDV utag.view call into a queue
  4. Tealium load process finishes, however not all tags have finished loading. since there is a utag.view() registered, Tealium starts processing this before all tags have completed loading on the page
  5. Utag runs a utag.trigger, in this call utag turns the utag.cfg.noview variable to false. Fires the adobe call
  6. Tag 151 finishes loading, utag.cfg.noview is set to false. We fire off another Adobe call

so. event though the site dev is following the instructions outlined here:

We are still getting a double fire because the tags haven't finished loading at the same time that utag has. 

Does anyone know how to mitigate this other than to request that utag.view() be called as late as possible?