hidden field value assigned to utag value

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Bronze Contributor

I have a hidden field that is part of a form. I need that hidden fields value to be passed along to tealium so it can assign it can be used by Adobe Analytics AppMeasurement for tagging. Currently I tried using js to assign it to utag_data which then should allow adobe to use it but that does not seem to work. The form is an ajax form and just turns into a thank you div when submitted.

This field is also on a form that submits to a thank you page where the tagging runs. To get the value there I used a set data value extension in tealium to assign it picking it up from query string in the url and using that or just reassigning it to itself. That worked. Now I need to cover this other scenario where there is no thank you page and the html form is just swapped out for a thank you div.

FYI my code to assign it to utag_data which ran document ready worked and assigned it to the same utag_data variable which adobe is already using but adobe would not pick it up and submitted the tag without this variable.