iOS User Timings for Google Analytics

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I would like to track the duration of an import feature in our iOS App. Google Analytics has the user timings feature where I can send custom timing events from my iOS App to Google Analytics.


I haven't found any data mappings in the Google Analytics Tag in Tealium in my mobile container. Is there any way or a recommended solution to track user timings via Tealium IQ for Google Analyitcs?


iOS User Timings for Google Analytics

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Hello @HenningM. I am working on trying to find you some help. Hold on...

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iOS User Timings for Google Analytics


Hi @HenningM. It looks like you've found an omission in our mapping toolbox. User timings is actually supported by the GA template, but it appears there are no mappings listed for it. I've filed an enhancement request internally to get this added to the mapping toolbox. In the meantime, you can still use this feature, but you will need to enter the mapping names manually. Here's what you need to do:


GA makes 4 variables available to you for timing purposes:


timingCategory - The category for this timing event e.g. "App Load"
timingVar - A string to uniquely identify this event e.g. "load"
timingValue - Number of milliseconds for this event e.g. 200
timingLabel - Optional label for the event


In Tealium iQ, the mappings you need to use follow the GA naming conventions, so to set them up, follow the usual mapping process, but instead of selecting from the mapping destinations list, click the "Add Custom +" button at the top of the modal window, then enter the names above (case-sensitive). Once you've done this, press close, and you'll see the new mapping in the list. After saving and publishing, timing events should be recorded, as long as the required variables are populated (category, var, value).


Adding Custom Destination: 


Final result:



Let me know how you get on!



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iOS User Timings for Google Analytics

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Thanks for the solution @craig_rouse


I'll be using the manual mappings untill the integrated ones come out.