implementing facebook events

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what mappings do i use for facebook standard events?


implementing facebook events

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Hi @Sportsrs2015 

Thank you for reaching out.  For your reference, we have a detailed documentation section on Facebook here:

Essentially, standard events are handled within the data mappings by selecting a variable and defining the value trigger.  The value trigger is the value of the variable that triggers the Facebook Event.
For example, per the documentation, to fire a FB Purchase event:
1. I choose tealium_event as the variable in the data mapping to trigger the FB Purchase event
2. From my website, I know that when a purchase is completed by a customer, the value of tealium_event equals "purchase", so I enter "purchase" into the event configuration as my value trigger
In this example, every time tealium_event has a value of "purchase", a FB Purchase event will fire on the website.
In conclusion, the mappings you would use to trigger a standard Facebook Event depends on what you have defined in your data layer.
Please let me know if this helps.