no view for all tags except one

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Hi all,

is there a "standard implementation" to apply the noview feature for all tags except one?

I have a customer that call my analytics tags very late after the dom ready but I need for a single floodlight to start as soon as possible.

Thank you 


no view for all tags except one

Tealium Employee

Hi @gianluca 

Would delaying the "Analytics" tag only work? 

var isLateProcessReady = // check late process;
if (isLateProcessReady != true) {
    window.setTimeout(function() {
    }, 1000);
    return false;

 Attaching this snippet to the "Analytics" tag, would stop it from firing until the condition is met, retrying every second.

This approach would focus on the Analytics tag only, leaving the rest of the system with its normal behaviour ("firing the floodlight as soon as possible"), and no need to use the "noview" option.

Hope this helps