"Environment" field in mobile data layer?

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Can I reference the "ut.env" field within the data layer of the mobile sdk for use in an extension?


I'd like to be able to send data from the "dev" and "qa" mobile profiles to an Adobe Analytics report suite that is separate from that of production.


The "ut.env" field looks like it will help me fulfill this request but "environment" does not appear to be a standard mobile UDO field. 


What's the best thing to do in this case?




"Environment" field in mobile data layer?

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Hi @andrea_kebalo,


Depending on your version of utag.js, the ut.env should be available in the web view and, thus, available in an extension. You can test if this variable is available by:


1. Visit your webview in a browser via https://tags.tiqcdn.com/utag/<account>/<profile>/<environment>/mobile.html

2. Open Developer Tools

3. Open the Console

4. Type the code: utag.data['ut.env']