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Data irregularities alert

Is there a way to get automatic reports when the data in audiencestream undergoes significant changes?

For example, it would be great if you could receive an email alert for example when certain events occur XX% less often than on average, or relatively many people get assigned a specific badge. This would greatly reduce the time it takes to discover malfunctioning rules etc.

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Re: Data irregularities alert

Hi @IrisV - like your post/question.  I don't have enough AS experience to weigh in, other than to say that if this functionality does not exist, you should submit it as a Product Idea

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Re: Data irregularities alert

@IrisV This feature does not exist directly, but it is possible to configure UDH dashboards to show trends in some of the attribute types over time.  Other than that, your suggestion would make a good product idea as the previous responder said.