Enrichments With different rules Trigger Fault state

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TimWaijers Occasional Contributor

I have a visitor attribute (array of strings) that i want cleared every time right before the new values are set.

I'm trying to do this with the following sequence of enrichments: "Remove this array and all of its values" followed by: "For x add all values from y", both are fired on "Any Event" 

This only works when each enrichment has either no rules or just one statement. Whenever either or both of the enrichments have rules with multiple statements the profile seems to revert to some kind of fault state and when i try to trace calls to the profile they aren't working untill the session has ended.

Is this a common problem and is the only work around to create rules with only one statement?

ps. I've run into the same issue when clearing a tally right before setting the data again when using rules with more than one statement.