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Event Specifications - how to verify values of variables

For a while now in AudienceStream, there are the so-called Event Specifications:

Basically, a QA tool on top of the Data Layer/UDH in the tool that offers this Data Layer (Tealium) makes total sense.

It may make you less reliant on third-party QA tools like ObservePoint or HubScan.

But at the moment, the "specifications" are still raw. Is there a roadmap for those? Will they be enhanced?

Examples of what I would like to do:

- right now the only variable check that can be made is the variable type (Array, String, etc.) - what makes even more sense is a check against certain value patterns (RegExp or JS functions) e.g. to check if a price always contains a "." and not a "," as the decimal separator

- some sort of Alerting system would be needed so we can get alerted when some of our Event specifications fail or fail too often for live users.

Looking forward to reading from Tealium on this.

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Re: Event Specifications - how to verify values of variables

@loldenburg Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Event Specifications. You are correct, this feature is still in its initial release and there is more to come. Both of your ideas are being considered, but the next release has not been determined yet. I encourage you to post each idea to the Product Ideas forum so that other users can vote on them.

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