As a Tealium Expert we extend additional forum capabilities to you. These advanced abilites will give you the freedom to be the hero that you were always meant to be, making you a valued member to not only our Community but to Tealium users around the globe. 

Some considerations:

Before we consider giving any Tealium Expert advanced capabiities, we do factor in the effect it will have on the Tealium Learning Community. We hold ourselves to very high standards of customer service and expect the same from our Tealium Experts. 


Some other things to be aware of are:

  • Capabilities are a privilege, not a right. A capability can be added or taken away at any time.
  • Rank has no bearing on which capabilities each Tealium Expert has at his/her disposal.
  • Tealium Expert is monitored for adherence to the Terms of Service. Capabilities can be taken away if the rules are not followed.


The Tealium Learning Community Team 

Aug 3, 2017