The purpose of this article is to provide a suggested approach for using EventStream once you are live that would allow you to update or amend live connectors without the risk of loss of data.

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You will need an EventStream Attribute "test_data" that will provide you a means to seperate ‘live’ events and your testing/QA events.

There are a number of ways that you would be able to pass this data point. The aim is to ensure that this test identifier is passed along with all relevant test data events.

Using Event Attribute enrichment

You can setup an Event Boolean attribute "test_data" with enrichments based on existing event attribute within EventStream.test_data flag.png

Set data using iQ extension

You can set the data before it gets passed to EventStream using iQ extension.


You could leverage existing data or a cookie value you’ve set via a query string.

Set the data in your website

You can set this within the code of your QA or dev site as part of the data layer.

utag_data.test_data = 'true';

Set within File Import

When defining an File Import add a column for test_data. Test rows can have the value "true" here. You can map the test_data column to the test_data event attribute you defined above in the File Import definition.

For live File Import files if you omit the column from the file, it will still process and nothing will get flagged as test data.

Set within API call

If you are submitting events via the API you can simply append the ‘test_data=true’ to your call and it will process this as if coming from event source (i.e. no additional enrichments would be needed)


The Collect API also supports a POST method, with JSON as the payload.  In that case, you can include a “test_data” attribute in the JSON object, with a value of true;

“test_data” : true

Test Event Feed(s)

Once you have a data point to distinguish between live and non-live event, a mirror of your Event feeds need to be created.

event feeds.png

For each event feed you use, you will need to create it again with the added stipulation of the test_data flag being set.

event feed with test_data condition.png

Connector Naming convention and separation

We would recommend that you create separate connectors for the test feed(s).

Adobe Analytics EventStream Connector Actions.png

For successful usage once live we would recommend at least two identifiers be included within the Title of the connector:

  1. Event type
    • This relates to the event feed that is used as the source of the action
  2. Version
    We would recommend that you can clarify between:
    • Test
      Something you’re working on
    • Live
      What is currently using the ‘live’ data feed
    • Previous
      The previous ‘live’ instance that is switched off (this would give you the ability to roll back if you required)

In this instance the connector title should convey simply the Version information.

If you take this approach, you need to ensure that all connector actions are updated when you are looking to do an amend or publish a change

Create amendment

Assume that you have created all your event feeds and associated connectors and the system is now live. The preparation configuration should also be completed and you have mirrored each used feed with a test feed.

You only need a test feed for feeds that you have an assigned action.

If you wish to now create an amended version these are the suggested steps:

  1. Duplicate the LIVE connector you intend to amend
  2. Edit the newly created copy title from LIVE to TEST, inlcuding the connector notes 
  3. For each of the connector actions update the source to point to the matching ‘test data’ event feed
  4. Save & Publish

    We would recommend a save as and reference the connector you’ve created

  5. Now you can make your changes in this new connector/connector actions
  6. Once complete you can test your changes by doing a Save & Publish

You can repeat 5-6 as many times as needed until you are happy that all changes are complete.

Publish an amendment

Once testing is complete and you are ready to push your change live you will need to walk through the following steps:

  1. Update the current LIVE connector
    You should rename it.  If there is already a ‘previous’ version we would recommend that you delete it. Holding more than one ‘previous’ connector will cause confusion.
  2. Turn off the new PREVIOUS connector
    This connector is kept for roll back purposes only.
  3. Update the TEST connector
    Rename to become the ‘live’ version
  4. Ensure you switch all connector action sources on the 'live' conector to the ‘live’ event feed
  5. Save & Publish

Use of Notes

As well as the names we would highly recommend that you use the ‘Notes’ input for each connector to detail more information such as:

  • Who’s making the changes
  • What is the purpose/reason for the change
  • What is to be/has been added/removed
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